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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Music Lingo

Prelude: Music played prior to the ceremony while your guests are being seated.

Processional: The piece(s) played for the entrance of the bride and bridal party.

Interlude: Music to offset different parts of the ceremony, or during silent rituals, such as candle lighting or sand ceremonies.

Recessional: The last musical element in the ceremony ushering the couple and bridal party out.

Postlude: Music played after the recessional while the guests leave.

How much do you charge?

We charge for the length of the engagement, including the time to travel between site(s) if applicable. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required with the return of a contract, and additional charges will be made if the event is delayed more than 30 minutes. Contact us at for an estimate for your event.

What do you require at the venue?

The quintet's requirements are minimal. All we need to perform at our best are five armless chairs, ample space (about 8'x8'), lighting sufficient to illuminate all music, and protection from weather and natural elements if outdoors (including shade from sunlight, which is harmful to delicate stringed instruments). Park Avenue Quintet will provide musicians, instruments, music and music stands. 

Will you perform outdoors?

Yes. We have a few requirements to ensure the safety of our instruments and the ability to provide quality music. We require full shade and no precipitation. 

What if there is a special piece of music that I would like to be played. Can you do that?

While we have a full library of music available, we welcome requests and will do our best to accommodate. 

Do you perform at receptions as well as wedding ceremonies?

Yes. We play during cocktail and dinner hours, and could be available for the entire reception.

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